Gavin Wye

Lying Awake Dreaming


Here’s a few to kick
of the new year.

  • Learn about fine Scotch
    Whiskey and how to differentiate the good from the bad.
  • Learn about Oysters and eat more of them.
  • Forage for more food including going fishing every now
    and then.
  • Write at lease one post here every
  • Do things that are productive and add
  • Don’t be a slave to email.
  • Don’t moan about things instead frame the problem and
    find a solution.

I’m writing all this down
so that I can look back and see how I did at the end of the year. I
think it will give me impetus to do something about it. I did this
when I gave up smoking and that worked. It also helps me set some
constraints to write within. Tip: I smoked for quite a
long time, and giving up was really really hard. The best tactic
that I found when giving up was to tell as many people as possible
that I was giving up. Then you have to do it. Not following
thorough would have meant letting those people down.
back to the point… I’m going to write something here once a week.
Hopefully it will be fun, informative and punchy. It will probably
be about User Experience Design and sometimes about working culture
and the ways that knowledge workers can be more productive. there
is a possibility there will be a bit about customer service. I’ll
try and limit myself to 500 words. I’m also not going to spend a
lot of time composing these posts. I’ll do a couple of versions
have a read through and then set it free. I tend to be a bit of a
perfectionist and hide things away until they are finished; this
often means that things don’t get finished at all or get left to
rot. I’ll try not to rant or moan so I’ll try to suggest a
solution. I’ll try to be reflective of things that I actually have
experience of. I’ll do my research first before I write something
so that what I write is informed. I’m not going to worry about if
what I’m saying is completely the right thing to say at the right
time. It’s about forming and articulating my opinions as I go. So
that’s at least one quickly written researched 500 word post a week
that is fun and informative. Yes I do like a challenge, and for the
record I don’t think I’m very good at writing. I feel like I should
say a bit about what motivates me to write. It is primarily to
educate myself and solidify my ideas, I always find that once you
start discussing things and hear how they sound you can rationalise
them. It’s also to make me a better designer, I’ve always thought
that as a someone who works in the web industry I should share my
thoughts. I think about this stuff a lot so here goes…


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