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A content out approch

Since reading Content Strategy last summer I’ve been thinking loads about how I go about designing sites that are informed by a content strategy and even those sitest that are not.

A content out approach…

So heres where I’ve got to so far. How can the process that we use to design and build websites empower the content. How can we ensure the the people we are designing sites for, get the content they want. How can we convince clients that this is the content that there customers want.

Well in my opinion it goes a lot further back in the design process than the content actually it starts with research. Take your resurch and boil it down in to things (tasks or goals) that people want to do. Make sure that the content that your commissioning or that your client is providing fulfils these goals.

Start designing from the content out. Start with real content in your wireframes and make sure that from the ground up the content is structured well. First on paper and then creating documents I’m thinking about doing this in html and just start creating links between the content. You don’t have to have complete finished content it can be really sketchy at the moment but the content should always aid your customers in the goals or tasks that you said you wanted to acheve.
The good thing about this approch is that you cant help but design it inclusivley. Your not using any CSS at the moment or javascript this is just building a very simple old fashined website without any fluff. So now you have something that is designed inclusivley. It’s going to work fore people without javascript and for people who dont have flash.

The good thing about this content out approch is that you can start thinking about how all the contnet fits together right from the start. I’d advocate putting this in front of clients very early and letting them ask questions of the content.

It’s very early days for me with this approach and I’m yet to use it in a live project but I’ll post back here when I’ve been working it a bit and let you know how it’s going. I’d be interested to know if anyone else is using a similar approach to this or even if I’m just stating the obvious.

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