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How not to handle opt out’s in email marketing

Today I received what I think was the normal weekly email from the airline Monarch. This time I thought rather than just ignoring it I would opt out of their marketing campaign and free my inbox of some unwanted email.

So I scrolled down to the bottom of the mail and clicked on the unsubscribe link, which took me to the Monarch website and asked me to sign in to change my preferences. This was the first thing that annoyed me I just wanted to unsubscribe not change my preferences. Anyway I didn’t know I had an account so tried my usual username and password and that didn’t work so I went through the trial and error process of putting everything I could think of in until it finally let me in. I used the trial and error process rather than requesting a new password because by this point I had already lost confidence in the site, and though that the password retrieval process would take longer than guessing.

So I finally got in and then expecting to be greeted with a screen that would allow me to unsubscribe. Oh no, I was just dumped on my account page telling me that I was already unsubscribed so just to be sure I clicked through and found out that I was indeed unsubscribed and had some vague recollection of unsubscribing a couple of months ago.

So thats half an hour of my life wasted and still receiving spam from Monarch. Thanks Monarch I have now lost all confidence in you holding my data if you can’t do something simple like check that I would like to receive email before you send it to me.

Here’s what IMHO Monarch should have done.

Customer. I want to opt out of you email marketing.

Monarch. Oh, okay we are sorry to hear about that. Please get in touch with us if you change your mind.

Customer. Thanks, I will.

Simple as that and it stops negative PR from blog posts like this.


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