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Using wordpress to register users

I have been using wordpress recently as a CMS and it works really well. You get posts and pages, you can choose to have a post as the home page or a page as the home page. Having a post as a home page is nice when you have a client who continually wants to update content.

I’m working on a site at the moment that requires people to login. Rather than building a login system from scratch I investigated using the built in wordpress registration. This is what I found.

The login process is really nice all the user has to do is enter their username and email address.

They then get an email with a password. This email comes from wordpress which would need changing but shouldn’t be so hard.

They can then login. This was the first big problem and ultimately lead to me not pursuing what I thought would be a  quick solution. You don’t want the user to know that they are registering for a wordpress site right? The page that they get once they are logged in is definitely a wordpress site. I’m sure that you could hack it in to shape but I don’t have time at the moment to see how it works. 

Ultimately I’m sure that it would be possible to use the wordpress login functionality for a site but you probably need to be very familiar with wordpress.


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