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Brighton’s cool for web types

Everything is happening at once here in Brighton at the moment. Every time I bump in to someone they have exciting things going on or planned.

We moved in to The Werks just after Christmas which is great it feels like I’m back at art school the level of creativity is so high. It’s such an inspiring place to work.

There’s always something going on. Ben did a talk on Geek Habits which he really undersold the usefulness of and I would now like to send every new client on a talk like that. Just last Friday we had a brilliant talk from Cindi Li at the geek social (which was very well organised by Rosie who had been there all day I dont know where she gets her energy from) where she did a show and tell of her work. Every Friday there is open Cowerking. Where freelancers and nomadic workers drop in and work for the day. Matt Weston and the guys over at wired sussex are setting up a startup school with the title school assembly. Danny Hope is setting up with the help of others UX Brighton which looks like it’s going to be really cool an in my opinion is well overdue.

All this activity has prompted me in to action. I have also decided that it’s time I stopped just turning up to stuff and did something myself so I’m setting up the Brighton Critique Circuit a series of groups focused on front end design, interaction design and usability where people can get help advice and support on current projects from other members of the group. This should serve as a good vessel for distributing knowledge around the community, and generally raise the bar around Brighton. I have posted it on the UX Brighton wiki for the time being as this seems like the logical place for things like this to sit.

All in all Brighton is a hub of creative activity at the moment and in my opinion the only place to be if you are involved in the web. 

There’s much more than I have covered going on in Brighton than the stuff that I have covered here just check out the upcoming page for Brighton.

Oh just a small note I have started using the hashtag #thewerks when twittering  




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