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Are bookmarks really worth it

Using is fine but I tend to keep things in there and forget about them. Which poses the question do I really need it if it’s not been used for a while. I collect a lot of things which I don’t really need just in case I need them at some point.

What works really well us using a combination of Google and my browsers history for bookmarks. It’s not quite as good as because some times I cant find things but the things that I use often I don’t get from my bookmarks I know the URL or how to find them in Google or my browser auto completes them. So is there a better way of working that makes use of this kind of system?

I found rememble which looks good but wont really replace and is so new that it doesn’t work well with Firefox yet.

I suppose the point that I am making here is that I need some kind of service that is a combination of all of these things. Something that tells me when and where I was when I bookmarked this item that would make it much easier to find things in the future. In the mean time I guess that I can just stick to using which means that I will have to try and remember what i have tagged certain things.

As I write this I’m thinking of something that Google could do with bookmarks just like but with all the data that they have on search terms they could better understand what is on a page and help me to tag similar items.

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