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Growl + Skype = annoyance

Skype has been talking to me for the past five weeks. Its been getting really annoying. For a while I turned the sound down and that solved the problem unless I wanted to listen to something.
After ages of digging and googleing I couldn’t find anyone who was having the same problem. so for future reference here’s a description of the problem and how to solve it.

The problem

Every time someone comes online and skype doesn’t have focus you  get told, also when someone does something like message you you get told this gets really annoying if you are using twitter4skype. It seems like this may be an universal access preference turned on somewhere but it’s not.

The solution

  1. Go in to system preferences select growl
  2. Under the display type select something other than speech
  3. Thats it problem solved

What Growl really should do here is every time it is speaking to you display a little icon somewhere just so you know where the voice is coming from. That would have saved a lot of pain.


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