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Setting up a site using drupal as the CMS

These are the things that I need to do in order to set up a new site.

  1. create the directory in the SVN repository on the server.
  2. edit the httpd.conf file locally to set up the virtual host, located at /etc/httpd/.
  3. edit the local hosts file located at /etc/hosts.
  4. copy an instance in the standard drupal files in to the place where the working copy is going to be kept in my case /Volumes/Local_Work/svn/*siteroot*.
  5. go to the alias that you have set up in the hosts file which should match the alias that you set up in the httpd.conf file.
  6. you should see the drupal page telling you that it cant access the database.
  7. open your MySQL GUI create a new database.
  8. change the permissions on the settings file to 777 (just for the time being) in the drupal site. located at /sites/default/
  9. go back to your browser and refresh the page you should now see a page asking you to set up the database.
  10. change the database to the same name as the one you set up in step 7.
  11. you then have to log in to the drupal site (normally this is when I create the admin user and password if it’s local I just use a crap password but don’t forget to change it later once its semi live).
  12. thats it you should now be able to customise the site.

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